MemorialCare Innovation Fund (MCIF) is a strategic investment vehicle
associated with the MemorialCare Health System. MCIF makes private
equity investments in companies interested in developing a synergistic
relationship with the system's five medical centers and affiliated
physicians. Investments typically include early to mid-stage companies
focused on medical devices, healthcare information technology or
healthcare services.

MCIF makes strategic investments in companies with the most innovative products, services and technologies. By seeking to facilitate collaboration between its strategic partners and the MemorialCare Health System, MCIF can provide a valuable gateway for companies to develop and refine their products. In doing so, MCIF supports MemorialCare’s position as a leading integrated healthcare delivery system.

For MCIF, a company's strategic relationship and involvement with MemorialCare is as important as the investment opportunity. MCIF provides emerging companies a powerful potential for value creation. This comes from an extensive pool of healthcare talent, experience, knowledge and opportunity available through access to the MemorialCare Health System.