Amenities Health Joins Panda Health Marketplace to Streamline Digital Transformation for Hospitals

By January 2, 2024 May 7th, 2024 News

What You Should Know:

– Amenities Health, a Digital Front Door platform, has announced its integration with the Panda Health Marketplace, a platform connecting hospitals and health systems with vetted digital health solutions.

– This collaboration empowers healthcare providers with a pre-vetted selection of best-in-class digital health solutions, including Amenities’ own patient experience platform.

Simplifying Digital Health Adoption for Hospitals

Panda Health acts as a trusted resource for hospitals and health systems, meticulously evaluating and curating thousands of digital health vendors. This saves healthcare leaders valuable time and resources by eliminating the need to sift through a vast and often confusing landscape.

Amenities Health: Streamlining Patient Access and Building Loyalty

Amenities Health focuses on optimizing the core patient experience, understanding that competition in the healthcare industry now extends beyond traditional players. Their platform addresses key pain points for both patients and hospitals:

Frictionless Access to Care: Amenities surfaces every available appointment across an entire network, organized by factors like proximity, insurance, and availability.

Seamless Patient Portal Integration: The platform provides the only white-labeled mobile app that fully integrates with existing patient portals, consolidating provider messaging, lab results, and billing information.

Building Patient Loyalty: Amenities helps hospitals cultivate patient loyalty through branded memberships, offering tools for patient acquisition, activation, and engagement.

“Joining the Panda Health Marketplace enables us to extend our mission to transform the healthcare experience for patients,” says Aasim Saeed, Amenities Health founder and CEO. “For health systems to compete with new entrants, they need to focus on the patient experience, and Amenities Health delivers.”