AristaMD Launches Combined eConsult and Referral Management Platform, Gives Patients Faster Access to Specialty Care

By April 10, 2023 August 20th, 2023 News

Care transition solution increases health equity with digital health consults and increases practice efficiency with visibility to local, in-network specialists.

AristaMD, a digital healthcare company specializing in eConsult and referral management services, today announced the launch of a unified care transition platform. The platform seamlessly integrates patient-to-provider matching, electronic referral processing, and eConsults into one single interoperable solution for primary care providers (PCPs). The end-to-end referral solution ensures that all patients receive timely care from the right provider in the right setting and that patients with issues that can be resolved via a peer consultation can receive care directly from their PCP.

Millions of patients in the U.S. wait weeks or even months to access specialty care due to a growing shortage of specialists along with logistical and administrative obstacles. To solve this critical need, AristaMD’s HIPAA-compliant online solution combines eConsult and referral management services within one platform to reduce unnecessary specialist visits and administrative overhead. At the same time, the platform helps patients get the best care possible from the right provider. For patients, this means eliminating the frequency of in-person visits, reducing lengthy wait times to get treatment, and avoiding additional costs. The result is more equitable access to care by removing barriers associated with traveling to specialist visits.

“Ensuring patients get timely access to specialty care in the right setting is crucial for improving patient outcomes and controlling costs. Seamless, online physician-to-specialist consultations and transparent, efficient referral routing support primary care providers in being effective quarterbacks of care for their patients,” says Brooke LeVasseur, CEO of AristaMD. “Our care transition platform ensures that PCPs have the support they need and that their patients don’t fall through the cracks.”

With AristaMD eConsults, PCPs can request guidance from virtual specialists on specific patient cases, with responses being delivered within hours. More than 73% of eConsults result in the PCP being able to treat the patient without a referral immediately, and over 30% of cases result in a new diagnosis. When a face-to-face referral is necessary, AristaMD’s referral management services match patients to the most appropriate specialists based on the patient’s insurance, location and the sub-specialty required. Referrals can be electronically ordered, removing the legwork of traditional phone and fax while creating the opportunity for PCPs to receive closed-loop electronic communication with specialists that improves overall care coordination.

Additional key benefits include:

● Improved referral intelligence, using customizable algorithms that route patient referrals to the right provider or, when appropriate, to an eConsult
● Expedited testing, diagnosis and treatment to ensure the right provider treats patients in the right setting.
● Increased clinic efficiency – staff can process more referrals in less time by eliminating antiquated procedures and streamlining referral activities into one platform.

“Electronic referral management and eConsults within one platform improves the quality of referrals, enhances provider communication, reduces unnecessary spending, and, most importantly, increases the likelihood that patients receive care under the guidance of a specialist,” says Jon Gautsch, SVP of Product & Engineering of AristaMD. “The platform’s analytics allow care organizations and health plans to prioritize available, high-quality specialists, keep patients in-network and encourage an eConsult-first approach.”