Artera Harmony Expands Analytics Capabilities with Two New Dashboards to Improve Patient Engagement

By March 28, 2024 May 7th, 2024 News

Harmony Analytics Dashboards Deliver Visibility Into Performance Benchmarking and Recovery Revenue

Artera, the SaaS digital health leader in patient communications, today announces the availability of two new analytics dashboards delivering healthcare providers visibility and performance metrics for:

  • Patient Engagement Benchmarking: provides engagement benchmarks that healthcare providers can use as a target for improving their patient engagement performance internally and relative to their peers.
  • No Show Recovery Revenue Estimates: provides visibility into rescheduling and the associated financial benefits

Both dashboards, available with Artera Harmony, expand the existing analytics capabilities, which deliver vital patient communications metrics such as patient engagement rate, message volume by practice, response time, and more.

The expanded analytics capabilities of Artera Harmony come to market as health systems work to modernize and improve both their patient engagement and experience, without impacting their bottom line. In today’s hyper-competitive and resource-strained market, every patient appointment, no-show recovery, and digital engagement is critical to healthcare providers success.

“Healthcare providers lack visibility into how their patient engagement measures relative to their peers, and revenue missed due to poor engagement,” said Guillaume de Zwirek, CEO and Founder, Artera. “Access to patient engagement data is the first step, overlaying that data with benchmarks and ROI – tailored to an organization’s type and size – is required to track and improve performance over time.”

Artera Harmony Analytics: Patient Engagement Benchmarking
Artera’s Patient Engagement Benchmarking Dashboard enables healthcare providers to see how they are performing in comparison to their peers to help teams pinpoint areas of improvement. Using anonymized and aggregated patient engagement data, Artera established benchmarks representative of our 750+ healthcare provider customers, and their associated types and specialties.

Artera Harmony customers can view patient engagement performance compared to their defined peer group such as FQHC, Pediatric, Health System, Family Practice, and Academic Medical Center, across four key benchmarks:

  • Patient Response Rate: Total appointments where patients engaged
  • Appointment Reach Rate: Appointments that received at least one communication
  • Patient Confirmation Rate: Total appointments confirmed
  • Patient No-Show Rate: Total number of patient no-shows

Each organization is assigned to a top or bottom quartile; benchmark performance is calculated based on aggregated and anonymized data over a defined period of time.

Artera Harmony Analytics: No Show Recovery Revenue Dashboard
Patient no-shows negatively impact healthcare by preventing patients from receiving care  and decreasing clinician and facility revenue. In fact, the total impact of patient no-shows across the U.S. healthcare system amounts to approximately $150 billion annually1.

The No Show Recovery Revenue Dashboard enables healthcare providers to see the value of engaging with patients by delivering:

  • Total number of confirmed appointments (baseline)
  • Total number of rescheduled no-shows
  • Percent of no-shows recovered and estimated revenue recovered

Healthcare providers with multiple specialties and locations will have visibility into no-shows and revenue recovery for each specialty and/or location. The No Show Recovery Dashboard can be used in combination with Artera Harmony’s No Show Outreach Conversation Template to automate patient conversations and recover a no-show patient by attempting to reschedule their appointment, rather than having the patient potentially leak or perpetuate a gap in care.

Artera Harmony provides analytics, conversation templates, and a robust communications platform to help healthcare providers reduce no-shows, delivering a comprehensive set of tools to help healthcare providers improve their bottom line.