AVIA Adds Five New Members to its Network of Leading Health Systems

By December 12, 2023 December 16th, 2023 News

AVIA, the nation’s leading healthcare digital transformation partner, has announced that it has added five additional health systems to its network of over 55 leading healthcare organizations.

The new members include Sutter Health, Northwestern Medicine, Indiana University Health, and UChicago Medicine. Each will have the opportunity to leverage AVIA’s digital health expertise, performance improvement capabilities, and market intelligence to advance their strategic objectives and maximize the impact of their digital initiatives. They will also have first access to collaborative opportunities within the network, including initiatives such as AVIA’s ongoing National Generative AI Collaborative, the annual AVIA Network Summit, and events like the upcoming Acute Care of the Future forum. This combination of expert perspectives and the power of the AVIA network will help these health systems accelerate and advance their use of digital as they explore emerging technologies and further refine how they deliver care.

Digital expertise has become a “must have” for health systems, as well as a key differentiator in the face of expanded competition and industry disruption. AVIA’s continued growth underscores the vital role that digital transformation plays in refining advancing clinical, operational, and consumer-facing processes. These five new members will be able to strengthen their commitment to success with digital, while driving improvements throughout their health systems. They’ll also be able to tap into the wealth of expertise offered by AVIA’s in-house experts and industry peers across a diverse digital spectrum.

“We are delighted to welcome Sutter Health, Northwestern Medicine, Indiana University Health, and UChicago Medicine to the AVIA Network,” said AVIA CEO Linda Finkel. “We know that digital is the key enabler to unlocking many of health systems’ challenges, like new revenue streams, enhancing health outcomes, and increasing operational capacity. The nation’s leading health systems are embracing digital transformation for the betterment of patients, providers, and the communities they serve, and AVIA is proud to be their partner in this work.”

“I had the experience of working with AVIA at another health system and knew when I joined Sutter Health that our consumer-focused digital experience would benefit from AVIA Network membership. The power of collaboration and shared insights within the AVIA community is unparalleled,” said Jennifer Bollinger, Sutter Health’s Senior Vice President, Chief Consumer and Brand Officer. “In an era where digital transformation is not just an opportunity but a necessity, being part of AVIA provides us with a strategic advantage. Together, we will harness the potential of a digital ecosystem and deliver the most connected experience for our patients.”