AVIA Releases Free Resource to Accelerate Digital Health Legal Contracting

By December 8, 2020 December 13th, 2020 News

Nation’s Leading Digital Transformation Partner Debuts New Contracting Tool

AVIA, the nation’s leading digital transformation partner for healthcare organizations, released today a free resource to accelerate digital health solution legal contracting processes. Legal contracting is often a barrier to quickly implementing these solutions. Siloed departments with varied requirements and vetting processes get in the way of efficient procurement between hospitals and health systems and digital health solution companies.

In partnership with legal leaders from across the AVIA Network, AVIA developed the Contract Accelerator Toolkit to ease friction caused by issues such as liability insurance requirements and data-sharing restrictions. The initiative was led by counsel at St. Luke’s Health University Network and Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin, with input from solution companies. This toolkit is just the latest offering from AVIA, which provides unique market intelligence, proven collaborative tools across a network of 50+ leading health systems, and results-based consulting to help solve healthcare’s biggest strategic challenges.

“St. Luke’s is proud to be part of this initiative. We understand the need to innovate, and we are fortunate to partner with AVIA. This toolkit accelerates and streamlines the many steps required in the vetting and contracting process with vendors that provide digital tools,” said Jessica Armstrong, Associate General Counsel at St. Luke’s University Health Network. “This is a great example of lawyers coming together to make contracting more streamlined in order to solve healthcare problems.”

Any hospital, health system or digital health solution company can access the tool on AVIA’s website. The toolkit serves as a guide to execute contracts with confidence, avoiding late-stage fire drills when performing due diligence and permitting all parties to work from one standard document developed by health system attorneys and solution companies.

The toolkit has four components:

  • IT and Security Items Reference Guide: Informs solution companies of IT and security-related questions in advance so they have ample time to prepare sufficient responses.
  • Pre-Intake Essentials: Identifies red flags with essential IT and risk management questions for health systems and solution companies to together identify risk and avoid late-stage pitfalls.
  • Fair Market Agreement Terms: Specifies consistent legal terms to standardize language across parties.
  • Business Arrangement Framework: Presents all relevant solution company information in advance to attorneys drafting the contract.