Deep 6 AI Expands Its Recruitment Acceleration Solution for Life Sciences to Shorten the Time from Determining Patient Eligibility to Enrollment

By December 6, 2023 December 16th, 2023 News

The industry-leading AI-powered software for precision-matching patients to clinical trials offers deeper access and visibility into eligible patient populations across 1K+ research facilities in the Deep 6 AI ecosystem

Deep 6 AI, the leader in AI-powered precision research software which de-risks and accelerates clinical trials for research sites and sponsors, today announced the expansion of its Recruitment Acceleration solution, known for leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to mine the industry’s deepest source of real-time electronic medical record (EMR) data to precisely find patients for trials. With the expanded solution, life sciences companies can share AI-matched patient cohorts with IRB-approved site staff across the Deep 6 AI ecosystem. This allows sites to identify each patient, validate their eligibility with evidence in the EMR, and track their recruitment statuses faster and more precisely, shortening the time to enrollment.

Deep 6 AI also offers expanded access to all these precision-matched, trial-eligible patients, across all site locations and physicians. The site’s research team can easily identify eligible patients treated by physicians other than the principal investigator, validate them, and track referrals inside the EMR. This expands the recruitable patient population at any given site and often boosts trial diversity.

“While traditional real-word data (RWD) has become ubiquitous in clinical research, it has many shortcomings that make it insufficient for patient recruitment. By aggregating, normalizing, and tokenizing various types of claims and EMR data types, RWD sacrifices precision, real-time updates, schema flexibility, and easy ties back to real patients,” said Wout Brusselaers, founder and CEO of Deep 6 AI. “Deep 6 AI provides a powerful real-time alternative: precision cohorts built from ‘real patient data’ (RPD), including unstructured physician notes, pathology reports, and genomics data. When life sciences companies plan and execute their trial using the same data as the actual sites recruiting the patients, it de-risks and accelerates accruals and reduces the burden on clinicians and site staff.”

Using deep and real-time comprehensive clinical data to identify patient cohorts with unmatched precision lends itself well to observational, real-world evidence (RWE) projects too. With the Deep 6 AI RWE Generation solution, sponsors can leverage its ecosystem for prospective monitoring, registries, and RWE studies or precisely identifying patient charts for review.

Deep 6 AI’s life sciences solutions also provide access to advanced genomics and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) insights. Its recently launched genomics module uses AI to find patients with specific genetic markers, enabling precision medicine and cancer researchers to query EMRs for 19,000 genes, multiple mutation types, and over 30,000 locus-specific mutation names. Additionally, its solutions provide race and ethnicity data at the site, cohort, and patient levels to help organizations develop a Race and Ethnicity Diversity Plan and meet diverse enrollment goals faster.