Deep 6 and Carle Partner to Deploy Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Trials

By February 22, 2022 June 9th, 2022 News

New initiative with Deep 6 AI part of corporate goal to increase patient enrollment in clinical trials

Clinical trials play an important role in offering patients early access to cutting-edge care opportunities before they are widely available. Deep 6 AI’s precision matching software is helping researchers find more, better-matching patients for their clinical studies significantly faster. The leader in Clinical Trials Acceleration Software now collaborates with the Illinois-based Carle healthcare system to increase and diversify enrollment in clinical trials. Carle physicians can also use the Deep 6 AI software to recommend targeted studies to eligible patients during their visits.

With the growth of personalized medicine, and new treatments designed to benefit select patients, clinical trial recruitment has become increasingly complex and challenging. The tools and methods available to researchers, however, have not caught up and often require hours of manual records’ reviews just to find a single patient.

Deep 6 AI software uses AI and NLP on millions of clinical data points, including physician notes, ‘omics, labs and pathology reports, to precision-match eligible patients to complex study criteria in real-time. This highly targeted approach prevents unnecessary access to clinical data, and rigorously protects and masks patient health information. Even though more eligible patients are identified for clinical studies, fewer patients’ data is accessed in the process.

“The vast majority of clinical trials with manual searches fail to recruit enough patients, therefore slowing research, contributing to rising drug costs and delaying patient access to life-saving treatments. The artificial intelligence applied to medical records finds more patients who are better matched for clinical trials and the work takes minutes rather than months,” Jennifer Eardley, vice president of research for Carle Health, said.

The “New Onset Hyperglycemia and Diabetes Cohort” study is sponsored by the National Cancer Institute and looks at the connection between high blood sugar and pancreatic cancer. Using traditional methods, the Carle study team had been able to identify and enroll one single participant over a 5-week period. The Deep 6 AI software identified an additional 6 eligible patients in mere minutes.

“It is a privilege to partner with innovative, patient-focused organizations like Carle,” said Wout Brusselaers, CEO of Deep 6, “their commitment to act as a high-performance research center not only positions Carle as an innovation leader in clinical research, it also helps bring new treatments to patients faster, at lower costs, and accelerates the pace of innovation in healthcare.”