Force Therapeutics and Xealth Partner to Drive Remote Care Management

By February 24, 2022 June 9th, 2022 News

New integration centralizes patient data, allowing clinicians to monitor postoperative recovery and care plan compliance from within their workflow

Today, Force Therapeutics, the leading patient engagement platform, and Xealth, the leader in enabling digital health at scale, announced a partnership that will make it easy for clinicians to prescribe and monitor remote care management from within their existing workflows. The Force platform delivers provider-prescribed digital education and video content for patients recovering from injury or surgery at home. The partnership integrates the Force platform with a provider’s electronic health record (EHR) system, enabling care teams to view clinically relevant metrics within the patient’s chart and make more informed decisions for their recovery.

“In this digital age, care teams need greater visibility into their patients’ behavior outside the health system,” said Mike McSherry, CEO and co-founder of Xealth. “We’re proud to partner with Force Therapeutics to make it easier for clinicians to incorporate digital resources into treatment plans, view patient activity in between appointments, and determine whether they are progressing as expected. The seamless integration of our two platforms is already helping to reduce variations in care, address emergent concerns, and improve patient outcomes.”

The integration optimizes physicians’ workflow, as they can now monitor patients’ postoperative data and remote behavior directly from the EHR. The integrated platforms can use event-based triggers, such as the moment a patient is scheduled for surgery, to automatically prescribe the Force platform without the need for physician intervention. From within the patient’s chart, care teams can track patient data such as reported daily pain, medication usage, activity levels, platform engagement, patient-reported outcomes, and physical therapy record. In the near future, clinicians can also monitor patients’ progression toward their recovery goals, which is one of the primary indicators of patient satisfaction.

By bringing digital health into provider workflows, the partnership helps clinicians practice effective care management at scale. Xealth enables doctors and patients to easily access digital apps, devices, and services that are relevant, timely, and targeted, helping hospitals and health systems tighten patient connections. Currently, Xealth is compatible with all Epic and Cerner EHR systems, which together comprise 56% of the total EHR market share. As much of the development and implementation work are handled by Xealth, the platform requires minimal IT resources to maintain.

“This partnership gives clinicians the immediate insights they need into their patients’ daily behavior,” said Bronwyn Spira, founder and CEO of Force Therapeutics. “Providers can monitor patients’ usage of the Force platform within the EHR, which will help them track care plan compliance and identify at-risk patients who need additional education or follow-up care, without having to log into multiple digital tools.”

The Force Therapeutics platform uses AI algorithms, provider-driven protocols, and the cumulative intelligence of more than 400,000 completed patient treatments to create clinically validated, personalized care plans based on the patient’s demographic profile, social determinants of health, and individual responses to each episode of care. The care management platform functions as a digital extension of the patient’s care team, adjusting educational content and care plan steps in real time to reflect the patient’s activity level, reported pain, range of motion and other factors.