Gozio Health and Artera Launch Deeper Partnership and Integrations to Create More Seamless Digital Experience for Patients

By November 10, 2022 March 26th, 2023 News

Following a successful UNC Health launch, the two companies have teamed up to address growing demand from other health systems

Gozio Health, an industry-leading, customizable, location-aware mobile engagement platform, today announced an expanded partnership and integration with patient communications platform Artera (formerly WELL Health) after a successful initial launch with leading health system UNC Health. Gozio Health and Artera drove an unprecedented increase of 443% in downloads of UNC Health’s app.

Partnership Features

The initial partnership delivered:

  • Embedded smart links for any automated or staff/patient conversations.
  • “Save and go” feature, enabling patients to save appointments to their mobile phone calendar with an embedded link.
  • The embedded link launches Gozio wayfinding to provide blue-dot guidance from home to parking to the point-of-care.

The expanded partnership includes:

  • Embedded smart links in other types of communications sent using the Artera patient communication platform like recall reminders or post-appointment communications.
  • Ability to launch a text message to a provider from the system’s mobile app.

“Once we announced this capability, and its impact to adoption, the market demand became immediately clear,” said Joshua Titus, CEO and Founder, Gozio Health. “UNC Health saw a 443% increase in their mobile app downloads in just the first month or so of offering these new features. For many systems, mobile engagement is becoming a primary way of connecting with patients. The ability to increase adoption of mobile and create a more seamless experience for patients is very appealing.”

“At Artera our vision is to enable patients to seamlessly manage their care and turn healthcare into an industry renowned for its customer experience,” said Guillaume de Zwirek, CEO and founder, Artera. “Our expanded partnership with Gozio helps advance this vision by improving patients’ access into mobile apps and unifying disparate patient messaging and alerts into a single, trusted source (the patients’ provider) on their preferred communication channel and timeline.”