Laudio Announces Client Expansions With Novant Health, Tufts Medical Center and UNC Health to Support Frontline Leaders and Teams

By November 30, 2021 December 10th, 2021 News

Recent Cross-Client Analysis Reveals Sustained Monthly Meaningful Interactions via Laudio Reduces Risk of RN Turnover by 26%

BOSTON, November 30, 2021–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Laudio, an intelligent leadership solution for today’s healthcare leaders, announces important expansions with three major clients – Novant Health, Tufts Medical Center and UNC Health. With its leader-centric design and AI-enabled capabilities, Laudio’s platform will now support frontline leaders across these systems to better connect with the 15,000+ employees on their teams to improve retention, engagement, and satisfaction.

“When we first engaged with Laudio earlier this year, we knew we were investing in a smart platform that could support our efforts to improve retention and development,” says Michael Vaccaro, Senior Vice President of Acute Care Nursing for Novant Health. “What we’ve experienced is well beyond a standard people-recognition program or workflow management software. With Laudio, it’s like having another set of eyes, ears and hands to help our frontline leaders and their teams get through the most burdensome administrative tasks and still have time to take on the work that helps us grow as individuals and organizations.”

Adds Laudio’s Chief Operating Officer CJ Floros, “We cannot speak highly enough about how engaged and proactive all of our partners have been when it comes to supporting their teams during these unprecedented times. We’re hearing CEOs of major health systems report upwards of 15-20% impact on their operating margins due to workforce-related challenges alone, so it’s been rewarding to be able to work alongside these forward-thinking systems to help reduce attrition, increase engagement scores and save thousands of hours in productivity.”

About Client Expansions

With COVID pandemic placing unprecedented pressure on today’s health systems, frontline leaders are facing a new economy where staffing turnover and stress levels are at their highest. According to a recent study published by the American Organization for Nursing Leadership (AONL) in August on the impact of COVID-19, 90% of health systems anticipate a staffing shortage of frontline healthcare workers in the near future. Clients like Novant Health, Tufts MC and UNC Health have been utilizing Laudio’s solution to address the productivity, development, visibility and retention challenges that have been on a steady incline across the industry.

  • Novant Health, the 15-hospital healthcare provider with more than 600 physician practices in North Carolina, launched with Laudio in seven (7) of its facilities in early 2021. Focused on driving resiliency, improving retention and enabling leadership development, Novant Health recently decided to double the number of facilities with an expansion to bring Laudio to frontline leaders and nurse managers at an additional seven (7) hospitals. Adds Vaccaro, “Frontline leaders have one of the most difficult jobs in the entire system. So we owe it to them to find solutions that help them be their best and create the best teams around them.”
  • Launched with Laudio in September 2020, Tufts MC, the 415-bed internationally-respected academic medical center located in downtown Boston, was focused on creating more meaningful interactions with their team members and enable leaders to increase efficiency in their workflows. Tufts MC recently expanded with Laudio to leverage the platform’s capabilities to better coordinate the facilitation of “patient rounds” across the health system.
  • Early-adopter UNC Health, comprised of 14 hospitals, 18 hospital campuses and more than 500 clinics across North Carolina, also recently expanded with Laudio to triple the number of employees utilizing the intelligent leadership solution. In 2022, nurse managers at the system’s flagship UNC Medical Center and its associated facilities, as well as both clinical and non-clinical leaders at UNC REX will all have access to best practices, workflows and personalized recommendations via the Laudio.

“In a recent cross-client assessment, we realized that it only takes one meaningful one-to-one interaction through Laudio per month between a frontline manager and each nursing team member to reduce turnover by 26%,” says Floros “That’s validation that creating a holistic approach to help frontline leaders connect with their teams in the most meaningful and authentic ways is the only way forward.”

Earlier this month, Floros and Tammie Brailsford, Principal of the Brailsford Group Leadwell and former COO of MemorialCare, hosted a free webinar to discuss the impact of making meaningful connections as a leader.