Laudio Announces Launch of Laudio Insights to Amplify Evidence-Based Decision Making for Healthcare Executives and Frontline Leaders

By December 5, 2023 December 16th, 2023 News

New Group is Leveraging Laudio’s Health System Reach to Deliver Insights About Organizational Strategy, Culture, Retention, and More

Laudio, an innovator in frontline leader solutions that drive efficiency and engagement for health systems, today announced the launch of Laudio Insights, a new source of data and perspectives uniquely focused on frontline dynamics at health systems. Laudio Insights provides evidence-based expertise on trends that directly affect frontline leaders, offering novel findings to help health systems better empower their leaders, improve system-wide operations, and retain their critical frontline teams.

The Laudio Insights content is aimed at three key audiences within health systems – executives, service line leaders, and frontline leaders. The team behind it leverages Laudio’s access to dozens of health systems, hundreds of healthcare executives, and thousands of managers to deliver insights and best practices related to organizational strategy, design, and culture; departmental structure; and the evolving nature of frontline leaders’ work. Key themes include leadership effectiveness, workflow efficiency, employee engagement, and frontline burnout.

“The mission of Laudio Insights is to support executive and frontline leader decision-making on their highest priority topics with impactful data from a unique, rapidly-growing dataset,” said Tim Darling, President of Laudio Insights. “By making our findings freely and publicly available, we are excited to provide widespread access to objective analyses in the spirit of elevating frontline leaders.”

In addition to deriving insights from its broader database, the team also collaborates with individual clients on projects, such as analyzing the impact of technology initiatives. “Addressing the challenges health systems face today requires both adopting innovative approaches and looking closely at real-world data to understand their impact,” said Simmy King, Chief Nursing Informatics & Education Officer at Children’s National Hospital. “Laudio Insights offers a new window into what is happening at the frontline and where opportunities exist to improve leaders’ work, putting executives in a better position to support frontline leaders and their teams.”

Access to Laudio Insights content is available directly on the Laudio website and individuals have the option to subscribe to receive email notifications when new content is available. Laudio will be sharing findings through a wide variety of channels and materials, including articles, white papers, reports, client-specific analyses, speaking engagements, and social media.

“At Laudio, our relentless commitment to empowering frontline leaders has granted us unparalleled access to invaluable data regarding their pivotal roles, contributions, and influence within health systems,” stated Russ Richmond, MD, CEO and Co-Founder of Laudio. “With the launch of Laudio Insights, we’re poised to revolutionize our impact on leaders, health systems, and the industry at large. We’re excited to announce this groundbreaking milestone.”