Laudio Launches Evidence-Based Decision-Making for Healthcare Execs & Frontline Leaders

By December 5, 2023 December 16th, 2023 News

Evidence-Based Expertise on Key Trends Pertaining to Frontline Leaders

Laudio Insights targets three primary audiences within health systems: executives, service line leaders, and frontline leaders. The content draws on Laudio’s extensive connections with numerous health systems, hundreds of healthcare executives, and thousands of managers to provide insights and best practices on organizational strategy, design, and culture, departmental structure, and the changing dynamics of frontline leaders’ roles.

Key themes include leadership effectiveness, workflow efficiency, employee engagement, and addressing frontline burnout. Laudio Insights content can be accessed directly on the Laudio website, with the option for individuals to subscribe and receive email notifications for new content. Laudio plans to share its findings through various channels, including articles, white papers, reports, client-specific analyses, speaking engagements, and social media.

“The mission of Laudio Insights is to support executive and frontline leader decision-making on their highest priority topics with impactful data from a unique, rapidly-growing dataset,” said Tim Darling, President of Laudio Insights. “By making our findings freely and publicly available, we are excited to provide widespread access to objective analyses in the spirit of elevating frontline leaders.”