LeanTaaS Launches Enhanced iQueue Product Suites to Maximize Efficiency for Infusion Centers, Operating Rooms and Hospital Beds

By June 30, 2021 August 7th, 2021 News

New capabilities to streamline operations for health systems across the U.S. announced during Transform, LeanTaaS’ hospital operations summit

SANTA CLARA, Calif. —LeanTaaS, Inc., a leading Silicon Valley based software innovator that increases patient access and transforms operational performance for healthcare providers, today announced new modules for its existing suite of iQueue for Operating Rooms, Infusion Centers, and Inpatient Beds products. The announcement was made at LeanTaaS’ inaugural hospital operations virtual summit, Transform, hosted in partnership with Becker’s Healthcare.

While managing the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects, hospitals had to rapidly increase their use of technology and digital tools. Surgery centers had to reschedule elective procedures as quickly as possible, infusion centers had to continue safely administering life-saving treatments, and managing hospital bed capacity effectively was crucial. With this in mind, LeanTaaS launched enhancements to its existing line of iQueue product suites that combine lean principles and predictive analytics to increase patient access, decrease wait times, and deliver better care at a lower cost, while addressing the specific challenges that had arisen.

The enhanced iQueue capabilities include:

  • The new Case Scheduling module in iQueue for Operating Rooms makes it much easier for clinics to schedule OR cases, especially if they are still using manual processes (fax/phone/paper), into both block and open time. This saves clinic and OR scheduling time; alleviates frustration for surgeons, clinics and OR schedulers; reduces errors; and increases OR utilization during staffed hours. The module supports end-to-end, paperless completion of the surgical scheduling process by automatically transmitting complete, accurate case information and providing full visibility into surgeon schedules.

    This newly launched module has already reduced abandoned calls by 46% and added an additional four cases scheduled daily, on average, per hospital, across a three-hospital system. Case Scheduling is a powerful extension to the solution’s existing capabilities, which include significantly improved block management, a user-friendly platform and actionable perioperative analytics. Currently, iQueue for Operating Rooms is used in 2,100 ORs at 200 hospitals and 40 health systems.

  • Nurse Planning and Executive Summary are new capabilities in iQueue for Infusion Centers that further enable infusion center executives and managers to make data-driven decisions to set and achieve operational goals. The nurse planning capability allows nurses to make staffing decisions for the next day and week ahead with high confidence levels. The new executive reporting capabilities allow reports to be generated in minutes instead of hours. Clear recommendations are provided for adjustments in daily staffing plans (nurse planning), as well as trend insights and goal guidance for operational metrics (executive summary), leveraging a combination of data science and learnings from iQueue’s hundreds-strong network of infusion centers.
  • Cancer care executives and managers can use these tools to quickly identify root causes of poor operational outcomes and make decisions to mitigate them, thus improving operating costs as well as patient and nurse satisfaction. iQueue for Infusion Centers is used in 8,500 infusion chairs at 400 infusion centers in 85 health systems.
  • iQueue for Inpatient Beds’ new Discharge Toolkit decreases delays for inpatient discharge in inpatient bed units and promotes patient flow. It functions as a real-time progress report for staff by showing current discharge status, in addition to future discharge predictions in all units throughout the day. The toolkit surfaces actionable next best steps as recommendations so that staff know exactly where to focus their efforts to decrease discharge delays and open up additional beds for patients. Recently launched, iQueue for Inpatient Beds has completed Beta trials across 2,000 beds spanning 13 hospitals and two health systems.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized the importance of resource utilization more than ever for hospitals and health systems across the U.S.,” said Mohan Giridharadas, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, LeanTaaS. “It is innovations like these that allow us to partner deeply with customers and achieve annual topline growth of over 50% each year for the last two years. We are proud of our ability to continuously adapt our product suites to our customers’ evolving needs and provide innovative capabilities that allow them to optimize processes to deliver the care patients deserve.”

LeanTaaS’ solutions have now been deployed in more than 400 hospitals and 110+ health systems across 38 states in the U.S., including 12 of the top 20 hospitals in the U.S according to U.S. News & World Report. These hospitals use the iQueue platform to optimize capacity utilization in infusion centers, operating rooms, and inpatient beds.

“What’s critical with our relationship with iQueue is the ability to find innovative solutions by collaborating with the iQueue support system, which has formed a true partnership,” said Dio Sumagaysay, MSN, RN, Associate CNO, Perioperative Services and Multispecialty Procedure Unit, Oregon Health and Science University. “We’re able to discuss important ideas and questions with the iQueue team such as looking at the flow of inpatient bed capacity and how to tie it into OR capacity – by partnering with LeanTaaS, we are able to determine the best solutions for our team.”

LeanTaaS’ inaugural hospital operations virtual summit, Transform, connected over 1,000 attendees with health system executives, technology leaders and industry experts to discuss optimizing capacity management now and in the future. To take a closer look at the summit, please visit the official agenda.