LeanTaaS Launches First-Of-Its-Kind Perioperative Transformation as a Service to Guarantee Hospital Revenue and Profitability

By March 23, 2023 August 20th, 2023 News

Service combines over a hundred dedicated perioperative experts and data analysts with AI and workflow automation technologies to boost efficient care delivery

LeanTaaS, Inc., a market leader of AI-powered and SaaS-based capacity management, staffing, and patient flow software for health systems, today announced the launch of Perioperative Transformation as a Service (“TaaS”). This first-of-its-kind service delivers eight key outcomes for enhancing efficient care delivery that are proven to take perioperative optimization to levels previously unseen.

Margins tightened across the board for hospitals and health systems in 2022, marking a challenging year for healthcare and prompting a reexamination of operating efficiency opportunities to increase value. In working with more than 175 health systems and over 4,100 operating rooms (“OR”) over the last five years, LeanTaaS recognized health systems are missing critical value generating opportunities by not optimizing block, room, and staff utilization in operating rooms. LeanTaaS’ Perioperative TaaS offering guarantees eight key outcomes that maximize surgical case volume and high standards of patient care by deploying more than 100 clinical perioperative experts and data scientists to drive and implement insights from LeanTaaS’ next-generation AI and workflow automation technologies.

LeanTaaS’ Perioperative TaaS Offering Guarantees Eight Key Outcomes:

  1. Surgical volume growth by increasing surgeon access to operating room time to perform more cases
  2. Increased market competitiveness by making it very easy for clinics to find operating room time
  3. Staffing optimization based on predictions of future surgical volumes by location, time of day, and day of week as well as an AI assistant to create the nursing roster each day
  4. Increased utilization of procedural areas and equipment such as robots, endoscopy suites, and cath labs
  5. End-to-end electronic case scheduling, especially for clinics without electronic health records access
  6. Maximizing block utilization and improved governance so the right block owner is assigned the right block on a continual basis
  7. Standardization and easy access to credible system wide metrics, policies, and rules
  8. Benchmarking and best practices sharing across the largest cohort of perioperative users nationwide

“Hospitals must take charge of optimizing their resources and operations. AI-based technology paired with dedicated, long-term teams of change agents is key to unlocking new capacity and increasing margins,” said Sanjeev Agrawal, President and COO of LeanTaaS. “Our team of experts come with decades of experience working with hospitals and health systems as OR business managers and leaders, perioperative nurses, service line leaders, data analysts, and consultants. In tandem with LeanTaaS’ AI/ML technology and workflow automation technology, these perioperative experts deliver the outcomes that operating room leaders seek: increased surgical volume growth, increased OR access, better scheduling, transparent and data-driven block governance, improved room and equipment optimization, staff optimization, significantly enhanced retrospective and prospective reporting, and benchmarking best practice sharing.”

LeanTaaS’ Perioperative TaaS offering provides each customer with a dedicated team that delivers the required services for implementing the technology, driving change management, establishing systemwide governance, and ensuring ongoing success for iQueue for Operating Rooms.

LeanTaaS’ Perioperative TaaS Impact on CommonSpirit and UCHealth

“When we engage with a third-party, we look for a true partner,” said Brian Dawson, System Vice President of Perioperative Services at CommonSpirit. “The thing that I love about LeanTaaS is not just its AI tool, but also the unbelievable support we receive. We hold each other accountable and have a trust-based relationship. I meet with the LeanTaaS team every week and we have quarterly leadership meetings. Having that customer service to help us identify things that we might miss is well worth the investment. CommonSpirit has seen tens of millions of dollars of improvement in annual contribution margin from increased surgical volumes as a result of the partnership with LeanTaaS.”

“Across the healthcare industry, we’re all trying to find new ways to increase value and reduce costs, and with LeanTaaS we’re making important advancements,” said Steve Hess, CIO of Aurora, Colo.-based UCHealth. “Their AI-based software is advanced with predictive and prescriptive analytics, and their team of experts make sure we get the most out of it every day. EHRs, dashboards and advanced analytics alone aren’t enough. The alignment of the people, process, and tools in the perioperative space translates to efficiency, improved capacity, engaged providers, and better patient care, all of which are helping us achieve our organizational goals.”

On average, LeanTaaS’ operating room customers see an impact of $200k/OR annually in margins and trust LeanTaaS’ products and support to help them do more with less. To learn more about Perioperative Transformation as a Service in action, please join leaders from CommonSpirit and Baptist Health to see how their partnership with LeanTaaS is driving lasting change. Register for the upcoming webinar.