Olive Announces Winners of Hack for Health Developer Contest

By January 31, 2022 June 9th, 2022 News

Olive selected five grand prize winners of the first-ever Hack for Health Loop Development Contest for cash prizes up to $10,000 and more

Olive, the automation company creating the Internet of Healthcare, today announced the winners of the first-ever Hack for Health Contest. In partnership with Rotera, Olive held the contest to encourage developers to build Loops (think apps in an app store) that will change the way healthcare employees work by improving efficiency, reducing the scope for errors and burnout, and enhancing productivity — all to optimize the patient experience.

Olive designed its Hack for Health contest to solve healthcare’s biggest problems through collaboration with the developer community. Participation is open to any individual developer, startup, health system, or enterprise technology company. Winning Loop submissions are published on Olive’s platform, giving developers full access to Olive’s growing payer-provider network.

While any developer who publishes a Loop on Olive’s platform receives 85% of the revenue generated from their Loop(s) once published, Hack for Health grand prize winners also receive tiered cash prizes up to $10,000, industry speaking engagement opportunities, a 60-minute pitch meeting with the Olive Ventures team, an Oculus Quest 2, YubiKey, and a 30″ curved monitor. Olive also provides opportunities for its employees to develop Loops as part of an internal contest with its own set of prizes.

“Olive created healthcare’s first true platform. We wanted to create an event that encouraged a wide range of developers to come build on it to grow our ecosystem of people working together to transform healthcare,” said Patrick Jones, Executive Vice President, Partnerships at Olive. “Our first-ever Hack for Health contest, in partnership with Rotera, was the perfect way to introduce developers of all sizes to Olive and create new solutions that will help change the way healthcare workers work.”

Olive selected the following five Loops as the grand prize winners based on their functionality, innovation, outcome improvement, and bettering of diversity, equity, and inclusion among underrepresented healthcare workers and patients:

  • AESOP Technologies with the RxPrime Loop and DxPrime Loop: These Loops identify potential wrong-drug errors like “look alike/sound alike” errors and “wrong click” errors, as well as missing and incorrect diagnoses codes. They also provide suggestions of diagnoses and medications based on comparing the patient’s chart to information mined from more than 3 billion patient visits.
  • CMEfy with the Instant Rounds by CMEfy Loop: This Loop helps practice administrators, clinician leaders and non-clinical staff instantly and seamlessly reward their clinicians with continuing medical education (CME) credits during key meetings, impromptu Instant Rounds and other day-to-day co-learning engagements.
  • Grief Coach with the Grief Coach Loop: This Loop supports clinicians who need to speak with grieving family members after a patient has died by providing them practical guidance on what to say and how to say it.
  • Medecipher with the Predictive Staffing Flexing Tool Loop: This Loop provides actionable staff scheduling decision insights for real-time operations using Medecipher’s AI-enabled predictive analytics and optimization model.
  • Amit S. with the Supply Chain Rx Inventory Loop & Clinical Trials REST API Loop: The Supply Chain Loop acts as an AI assistant to help users make quick and informed decisions on managing supply chain Rx inventory using predictive analytics. The Clinical Trials Loop acts as an AI assistant to help users make quick and informed decisions when searching for active studies on ClinicalTrial.gov API.

“Medecipher has been eager to develop on Olive’s platform, and Hack for Health provided us with a unique collaborative opportunity to do so! By leveraging Olive’s platform, we were able to quickly implement a clinician-facing decision support tool (our Loop) that provides critical operational insights from our models and algorithms,” said Stephanie Gravenor, co-Founder and CEO at Medecipher. “We’re honored to be named a winner of Olive’s first-ever Hack for Health contest with our Predictive Staffing Loop and look forward to continuing to refine our use case and leverage Olive to expand our impact.”