Olive Debuts Products Aimed at Transforming Healthcare Through Automation

By July 8, 2021 August 7th, 2021 News

Company announces seven new customer-oriented solutions, new Chief Product Officer to drive vision into market

U.S.A.July 8, 2021 — Olive announced a new set of product solutions today aimed at delivering the transformation healthcare deserves, pushing it to the forefront so that it leads other industries in innovation and technology rather than lagging behind. Olive is the automation company creating the Internet of Healthcare by connecting the industry’s systems to more rapidly deliver intelligence that results in better human outcomes.

The healthcare experience today is disjointed — plagued by long wait times, soaring costs, impossible claims and reimbursement processes — on top of patients being handed a clipboard time and time again to fill out the same information. These challenges are a symptom of healthcare’s larger problem: the industry is built on fragmented, outdated technology.

“Healthcare is an industry whose impact means the difference between life and death — yet we have not properly empowered the humans in healthcare with the innovation so many other industries have received,” said Sean Lane, CEO of Olive. “In my judgement, the lack of automation is the most dire issue facing global healthcare today. That might sound overly bold now, but with time to unpack, I’m positive we can show why that is very true.”

New holistic solutions help solve customers’ most substantial challenges
Olive is networking these legacy systems to securely connect health systems, patient information and providers, and enable humans to re-focus on patients and care. To fundamentally change how payers and providers manage operations, Olive is launching seven solutions oriented toward customers’ top priorities. The offerings are captured in Olive’s product catalog, available here and include:

  • Intelligent Claim Denials Resolution: Checks claims statuses, freeing up staff to spend time only on the accounts that actually need work — accelerating cash flow and reducing the risk of untimely follow-up
  • Automated Prior Authorization: Accelerates the prior authorization process and empowers staff with powerful medical necessity rules and requirements guidance for more than 40,000 insurance plans
  • Patient Access: Supercharges call center employees by surfacing accurate and timely information, reducing their dependency on complex spreadsheets to minimize delays and errors
  • Payment Assurance: Liberates providers from the administrative burdens of billing and collections and assures they get paid for care at the point of care
  • Population Health: Optimizes population health by automating pre-registration to expand the capacity for core services
  • Utilization Management: Accelerates utilization management, enabling faster decisions at the point of care and providing patients immediate access to health services
  • Value Analysis: Minimizes total supply chain expenses by proactively identifying product opportunities for consolidating, conversion or pricing re-negotiation

Olive Appoints Chief Product Officer
To drive Olive’s product vision into market, the company has named Rohan D’Souza as Chief Product Officer. Previously the company’s Executive Vice President and GM of Olive Helps, Rohan is a veteran product leader who has developed several AI-powered innovations that are powering some of the most prestigious health systems in the world. Now, he is driving strategic product direction across all of Olive’s verticals and responsible for the company’s new customer-oriented suite of solutions.

“At Olive, we are creating the ‘Internet of Healthcare’ that revolutionizes the entire stack. We are connecting, liberating and infusing intelligence to drive efficiencies that benefit the entire system — providers, payers and, ultimately, patients,” said D’Souza. “As Chief Product Officer, I’m excited to lead the charge of putting healthcare on the technology map by bringing cutting edge innovations like cybernetics, knowledge-graphs and the semantic web while being empathetic to the incredible responsibility we have to humanity.”

You can follow Rohan on LinkedIn and Twitter and join conversations with him on Clubhouse about how technology can solve healthcare’s biggest problems.