Phynd Announces Provider Data Connect for Epic App Orchard

By December 9, 2020 December 12th, 2020 News

Clients can enroll new providers in real-time using Phynd and synchronize provider data updates between Phynd and Epic

Phynd Technologies, Inc., the leader in provider data management and provider search solutions, announced today the release of Phynd Provider Data Connect, available immediately in the App Orchard.

Provider Data Connect lets clients effortlessly enroll new providers using Phynd, in real-time, into their Epic provider data base.  It also supports an ongoing, seamless bi-directional provider data sync between their Epic system and the Phynd Provider Data Management platform, ensuring the provider directory is continuously updated by provider data maintained and sourced from Phynd.

Phynd’s provider enrollment capability uses the Phynd National Provider Network (NPN), a comprehensive resource containing over 4.9 Million providers in the United States. NPN data is continually sourced from national and state sources of authority, including the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the National Plan and Provider Enumeration System (NPPES), DEA, OIG, as well as medical licensure data, sourced from all 50 states. When NPN is searched via the Phynd Provider Data Connect app, users in Hyperspace enroll new providers into Epic in real-time, eliminating data entry backlogs that currently delay revenue cycle processes.

Once providers are enrolled into Epic, the Phynd Provider Data Connect app ensures that all changes to providers’ records are kept in sync with Phynd and all systems integrated with the Phynd platform.  For example, an update from a clients’ credentialing system flows directly into Epic via Phynd to ensure consistent, accurate provider data across a health system’s clinical, financial, and marketing systems.

Phynd is a single hub delivering enterprise-wide provider data management, provider search, and integration at scale with credentialing, marketing, access, EHR and revenue cycle systems.  Data is maintained both by data feeds from these systems, updates from providers or delegates made in Phynd via Phynd’s digital outreach campaigns, by providers enrolled by staff using Phynd’s own NPN, or provider profiles updated by hundreds or thousands of Phynd users in a health system.

“Phynd Provider Data Connect is the next step in our strategy to ensure clients’ patient experience, clinical and financial systems benefit from real-time connectivity,” said Tom White, Phynd’s CEO.   “Our objective is simple, seamless, and straightforward integration with Epic and other systems.  We’re pleased to add another Phynd capability to the App Orchard using APIs supported by Epic, which both improves provider data quality in Epic and reduces resources needed to maintain provider data quality across a health system.”

Phynd Provider Data Connect is available via the Epic App Orchard and offers a simple method to integrate. Health Systems simply need to request access to the Phynd Provider Data Connect app.  Once the app is permissioned, a integration package can be installed, and the two systems exchange data.  No programming is needed.