Phynd Launches Advanced Provider Search

By July 15, 2020 August 6th, 2020 News

Robust provider search quickly integrated into Find a Doctor websites and internal provider search sites, optimizing search for health care systems

DALLASJuly 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Phynd Technologies, Inc., the leader in provider data management and provider search solutions, announced today the immediate availability of Phynd Provider Search. Phynd Provider Search is a breakthrough technology offering that enables health systems to intelligently and simply integrate robust provider search capabilities into their consumer-facing Find a Doctor websites, as well as internal provider search sites for call centers, referral portals, and general provider directories.

Phynd Provider Search offers the ideal long-term solution for provider search by consumers, by incorporating cutting-edge search algorithms that uniquely identify the needs of a patient based on their clinical condition, proximity to care, and source of insurance, and matching the patient to the most appropriate care provider within the health system.

Phynd Provider Search is powered by the Phynd 360 Platform, the industry’s leading SaaS (Software as a Service) provider data management solution. Phynd serves as a health systems’ central hub for all provider data – people, places, and services, including telehealth. Phynd provider data is continually updated by a combination of health system end users, tightly integrated interfaces with trusted internal systems, such as credentialing and electronic health records, and complementary external sources such as NPPES and state medical boards. The Phynd 360 Platform continuously curates provider data into a client’s EHR, marketing, and claims systems, improving overall data quality and optimizing their performance and ROI.

Clients deploy Phynd Provider Search using one of two options: Phynd Provider Search – Web App or Phynd Provider Search – API. Both options are included in Phynd Provider Search’s single subscription offering, giving health systems choice, flexibility, and investment protection.

Phynd Provider Search – Web App is an easy-to-install set of web components that transforms a Find a Doctor website into a modern patient access solution. Phynd Provider Search – Web App is a true game-changer for digital marketing teams, enabling them to directly add Phynd’s sophisticated consumer search to their branded website – powered by the Phynd platform – in a matter of minutes. This plug and play solution is mobile-friendly, ensuring health systems are able to reach the broadest possible audience, irrespective of consumers’ computing devices. Phynd Provider Search – Web App is optimized for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and for meeting ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance.

For health systems looking for an even greater level of integration, the Phynd Provider Search – API is offered as a set of battle-hardened tools used by either internal or third-party web developers to fully customize and embed provider search capabilities deeply within their digital environment. The API supports digital teams’ maintaining multiple search websites, including both health system-wide provider search as well as search microsites for the health system’s Accountable Care Organizations and narrow networks, which may require provider search for unique sets of participating provider populations.

“We have launched Phynd Provider Search for both digital teams looking to quickly upgrade their digital front door with a better search experience, as well as for teams doing a full website redesign,” says Tom White, CEO of Phynd. “By offering health systems a choice in one integrated offering, they can deploy a new patient experience with Web App right away, and then migrate to the API in the future, if and when they desire deeper integration. We offer tremendous benefits to our clients over the long haul.” Phynd Provider Search, combined with direct scheduling in an EHR, has been shown to grow online appointment volume and reduce cost.

Both Provider Search – Web App and Provider Search – API offer real-time performance, robust scalability, and a unique set of intelligent search attributes used by health systems to fine-tune search capabilities based on the needs of patients, providers, locations and health plan and network resources. Both use the same high-quality data and tools that reside in the Phynd 360 Platform, and are both highly configurable to meet digital marketing preferences.

“Kettering Health Network is committed to ensuring our patients have a best-in-class Find a Doctor search experience,” says Dr. Charles Watson, Chief Medical Informatics Officer for Kettering Health. “We are in the process of implementing Phynd Provider Search which we anticipate will give our consumers a user-friendly way to quickly find the provider with the right expertise, that is convenient, and is in network. We now have high-quality provider data, due to multiple teams curating data in Phynd, and data being fed continuously to Phynd from trusted sources.”

Phynd Provider Search is available immediately.

About Phynd
Phynd 360 is a cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) integrated provider data and search platform that consolidates departmental and siloed provider data into a single hub. Phynd offers continuous governance and data integration across a health system’s digital ecosystem to improve marketing, clinical, and claims system performance. Designed to leverage organizations’ existing infrastructure and investments, it is a cost-effective and future-proof solution for enterprise-wide provider data management, provider search, and integration at scale.

Phynd is proudly serving over 350 hospitals and 35 health systems across the U.S., including 7 of the top 20 hospitals as ranked by US News and World Report. Phynd is a member of the Epic App Orchard. AVIA has recognized the Phynd 360 provider data platform and Phynd Provider Search as AVIA Vetted products in 2020. The Phynd platform has achieved ISO-27001-certification. For more information visit