Phynd Schedule Advisor Now Available via Epic App Orchard

By August 19, 2020 December 14th, 2020 News

Incorporates providers’ schedule availability – for people, places, and virtual visits – in Phynd’s advanced provider search

Phynd Technologies, Inc., the leader in provider data management and provider search solutions, announced today the release of Phynd Schedule Advisor, available immediately in the App Orchard.  Phynd Schedule Advisor enables Epic clients to seamlessly integrate provider scheduling slots from their EHR into the Phynd 360 Platform. This information can be leveraged to enhance consumer-facing Find a Doctor websites as well as internal referral sites and call centers.

Health systems utilizing Epic are now able to fine-tune their Phynd Provider Search results based on the availability of a provider who best meets a patient’s clinical needs. Patients can now find providers for a specialty with upcoming open time slots instead of having to check them one-by-one. This helps save time for both patients and schedulers and empowers the patient to find an appropriate provider, creating a more positive scheduling experience.

Phynd Schedule Advisor takes scheduling integration a step even further by providing the capability to display a provider’s open scheduling slots as part of a Provider’s Search Profile – meaning that patients can immediately see a provider’s near-term availability, down to available appointment slots on a given date.  Phynd Schedule Advisor is also “visit type” aware, enabling health systems to emphasize a broad range of healthcare options, including virtual visit appointment slots and broader telehealth capabilities. Once a patient selects an appointment slot, they are seamlessly handed off to Epic MyChart to complete the appointment booking.

“As an active investor in digital health solutions and a Phynd client, UNC Health is excited to support our partner Phynd in pushing the envelope to offer superior patient access tools to consumers,” said Anita Watkins, Director at Rex Health Ventures/UNC Health.  “Phynd serves as UNC Health’s foundational provider data management platform for provider data and search.”

“The optimal path for health systems to create sustainable, cost-effective patient access solutions is to incorporate a consumer-facing provider data platform like Phynd, that directly leverages and extends the value of their core EHR investment,” said Thomas White, CEO of Phynd Technologies.  “By participating in the Epic App Orchard program, we are able to offer digital teams a solution that does just that, by offering the leading provider data management and search platform that intelligently drives appointment traffic into Epic’s Cadence scheduling system.  This capability is particularly relevant in helping patients navigate both in-person office visits and virtual visits during this time of the Covid pandemic.”

Phynd Schedule Advisor is the latest innovation from Phynd Technologies, offered as an extension to the Phynd Provider Search application.  Phynd Provider Search is the most intelligent solution for patient and provider matching.  It uniquely identifies the needs of a patient based on their clinical condition, proximity to care, and their source of insurance and matches the patient to the most appropriate care provider within the Health System, now with complete insight into the provider’s schedule.  Phynd Provider Search is powered by the Phynd 360 Platform, the industry’s leading SaaS (Software as a Service) provider data management solution.  Phynd serves as a health systems’ central hub for all provider data – with dedicated data management tools for people, places, and services, including telehealth.