Predictive Analytics Innovators Aim to Streamline American Medical Facilities

By September 29, 2020 December 13th, 2020 News

Mohan Giridharadas and Sanjeev Agrawal Release “Better Healthcare Through Math” with ForbesBooks. This release is posted on behalf of ForbesBooks (operated by Advantage Media Group under license.)

Mohan Giridharadas and Sanjeev Agrawal of LeanTaaS today announced the publication of Better Healthcare Through Math: Bending the Access and Cost Curves in Healthcare. The book is published with ForbesBooks, the exclusive business book publishing imprint of Forbes.

Better Healthcare Through Math: Bending the Access and Cost Curves in Healthcare examines the operational factors that brought the American healthcare system to a dysfunctional brink. Giridharadas, LeanTaaS’s founder and CEO, and Agrawal, LeanTaaS’s President and CMO, explore how the growth in demand for healthcare services combined with the intense financial pressure restricting the ability to add capacity has resulted in pushing the operational efficiency of an already strained industry into a state of gridlock.

The book details the complex math underlying the solutions put forth by Giridharadas and Agrawal through simple examples drawn from other asset intensive industries. Leveraging predictive analytics, deep data science, and machine learning, Better Healthcare Through Math seeks to present hospital and other healthcare leaders with solutions to problems such as empty operating rooms, peaks and valleys in infusion chair utilization, underutilized ambulatory clinic rooms, medical equipment, and over-extended hospital staff. It posits that combining existing data with better algorithms, hospitals will be able to do more with less and maximize resources.

“The ability to strike the ideal balance for asset utilization – dialing up or down over the course of even a few hours – requires challenging conventional wisdom,” said Giridharadas.  “Further, it needs to be rooted in a level of calculation that simply cannot be performed manually—even with the best instincts or judgment.”

Taken together, the insights and innovations offered by Giridharadas and Agrawal in Better Healthcare Through Math seek to increase patient access, decrease patient wait times, and reduce healthcare delivery costs.

Better Healthcare Through Math: Bending the Access and Cost Curves in Healthcare is available on today.

About Mohan Giridharadas

As the Founder & CEO of LeanTaaS, Mohan Giridharadas is pushing the boundaries of modern healthcare. His company is dedicated to using sophisticated data science combined with lean principles to change the industry forever.

His mission is to liberate the healthcare system from old inefficiencies through advanced data science and predictive / prescriptive analytics.

About Sanjeev Agrawal

Sanjeev Agrawal is the President & CMO of LeanTaaS. Sanjeev was Google’s first Head of Product Marketing and went on to found three startups of his own.

Since teaming up with Mohan, Sanjeev has helped LeanTaaS become the leading healthcare predictive analytics company in the country.

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