Pregnancy App Celebrates Partnership with LCMC Health

By March 29, 2022 June 9th, 2022 News

WASHINGTON, D.C. (press release) – Babyscripts, the leading virtual care platform for managing obstetrics, announces its one-year partnership with LCMC Health, a New Orleans-based, non-profit health system. The partnership has provided more than 1,200 mothers with equitable access to care through the Babyscripts virtual maternity care platform and has been shown to increase patient compliance to important maternal care guidelines.

Pregnant and postpartum mothers receiving care through LCMC Health have access to Babyscripts myJourney, a mobile app that offers provider-approved educational content, gestational age-appropriate information, reminders, and notifications to improve engagement and adherence to quality measures, weight tracking, and practice-specific resources. Additionally, patients at risk for high blood pressure are enrolled into Babyscripts myBloodPressure, which enables at-home antenatal and postpartum blood pressure monitoring to facilitate diagnosis and management for complications such as preeclampsia and postpartum hypertension.

“Maternal healthcare is consistently changing, and it is important to LCMC Health that our services reflect the unique needs of our community,” said Dr. John Heaton, President and Chief Medical Officer, LCMC Health. “LCMC Health continues to seek pertinent ways to address community needs and enhance the patient experience for families in Louisiana and throughout the Gulf South. Our community has a need for added access and this special partnership will allow us to ensure the most positive outcomes for our patients and families.”

All parishes in South Louisiana, with one exception, fall in the highest category on the March of Dimes Social Vulnerability Index, a scale that determines areas where pregnant women are more likely to experience poor maternal or infant health outcomes. Sustained blood pressure management and timely postpartum care are critical factors for improving these outcomes. Since the inception of the partnership, mothers enrolled on Babyscripts receiving care through LCMC Health have demonstrated the following improvement:

  • Patients enrolled in myBloodPressure have demonstrated sustained compliance with blood pressure monitoring, allowing providers to capture more than four times the amount of data collected in a traditional office setting
  • Patient compliance with remote monitoring has exceeded LCMC Health’s target goals, with levels of patient engagement and satisfaction consistently exceeding targets by as much as thirty percent
  • Babyscripts users were more than two times as likely to complete a 30-day postpartum visit than the control group
  • At 60 days postpartum, 64% of Babyscripts users had completed a postpartum visit, compared to 44% of the control group.

“The ability to access adequate prenatal and postpartum care is one of the largest predictors of maternal and infant health outcomes,” said Juan Pablo Segura, President and co-founder of Babyscripts. “With Babyscripts, LCMC Health is able to streamline the maternal health experience across their system, opening opportunities to access and providing consistent, high-quality pregnancy care to all patients, regardless of race, income, geography, or risk.”

Together, LCMC Health and Babyscripts are offering mothers that receive care at East Jefferson General Hospital, Touro, and West Jefferson Medical Center the support and solutions needed to align with their needs. As Louisiana strives to improve in national rankings for maternal and infant health outcomes, LCMC Health continues to look for opportunities to adopt more advanced measures for maternal and postpartum care.

Babyscripts has spent the last eight years building a clinically validated, virtual care platform to allow OBGYNs to deliver a new model of prenatal care. Using internet-connected devices for remote monitoring, Babyscripts offers risk-specific experiences to allow providers to manage up to 90 percent of pregnancies virtually, allowing doctors to detect risk sooner and automate elements of care. Partnering with organizations like LCMC Health provides opportunities to make a greater impact and sustainable change in the communities that need it most.