Protenus is Top-Performing Solution in KLAS Drug Diversion Monitoring 2022 Report

By June 24, 2022 November 12th, 2022 News

Healthcare compliance analytics company achieves highest score for Drug Diversion Surveillance Solution

BALTIMORE — Protenus, the leading healthcare compliance analytics platform empowering healthcare to eliminate risk, received the highest overall performance score for its drug diversion surveillance solution in the recently published KLAS Drug Diversion Monitoring 2022 report. Clinical drug diversion creates huge risks for hospitals and health systems reputations and finances and the safety of their patients, workforces, and communities at-large. KLAS’ report grades several vendors on their ability to consistently deliver guidance, analytics, and insight that helps their customers identify and prevent drug diversion.

Based on the report findings, Protenus also ranked the highest for delivery of new technology and proactive diversion monitoring capabilities as their solution assigns a suspicion score that identifies potential diversion events extremely well, leading the market in functionality and innovation. Customers described Protenus’ support as proactive and appreciated the quarterly updates that incorporate customers’ development suggestions.

Survey respondents rated Protenus above market average across the board on six customer experience pillars and see Protenus as a partner that regularly meets with customers and provides helpful implementation support. Along with proactive diversion insights that guide customer investigations, Protenus’ solution delivers actionable analytics empowering customers to take a preventative approach to drug diversion.

Per one respondent commenting on Protenus solutions in the report, “We have readily available information that is actionable. If we want to be preventative, we need the information right away. We can’t wait 24 hours to find out we were missing something or that something went wrong. The fact that we can monitor things in a live environment gives us the ability to see things as they happen. If we see the information later, that is not proactive. We can just visit the vendor’s website, and with one click, we get a report of what is really going on. It takes a few minutes to resolve the case. What we have now compared to what we had before is a huge difference.”

Protenus Co-Founder and CEO Nick Culbertson remarked, “Being proactive is key to mitigating the risks drug diversion poses. We’re determined to help our customers quickly identify and address incidents as they happen using cohesive, actionable data in order to strengthen policy compliance and safety at their organizations.”