Quality Reviews and NarrativeDX Built a Platform to Get Real-Time Feedback

By August 23, 2019 August 30th, 2019 News

A real-time digital engagement platform and provider of feedback solutions, Quality Reviews revealed a partnership with NarrativeDx to combine the power of real-time feedback with patented healthcare-specific text analytics. This collaboration will help Quality Reviews to present the first healthcare-specific experience improvement platform.

Headquartered in New York, Quality Reviews enables hospitals and healthcare providers to listen to patient voice all in real-time. It helps the healthcare industry to adopt a patient-centric outlook in healthcare services. This, in turn, will protect customer loyalty, patient retention, and build brand and reputation for real financial benefits.

Quality Reviews is providing turnaround patient feedback mechanism that ties Admission, Discharge, and Transfer (ADT) system data with lightweight CRM functionalities. Quality Reviews is leading to almost 35 hospitals in the country. They are leading the healthcare industry towards faster, actionable, and meaningful patient feedback.

“RateMyHospital is very valuable to our clients, especially since the tools in it are shaped by them entirely since day one,” says Edward Shin, MD, Co-Founder, and CEO of Quality Reviews. RateMyHospital is bringing consumerism to healthcare and enabling hospitals and healthcare providers to listen to the patient voice, he added. Quality Reviews was featured in Healthcare Tech Outlook Magazine as one of the Top 10 Most Promising Healthcare Analytics Solution Providers 2017.

In the 21st century, Artificial intelligence (AI) technology has the power to reshape the industries, and it plays a vital role to revolutionize the healthcare industry. AI has the potential to detect the disease, suggest treatment, help people to stay healthy, and can do research for any particular field. AI can replace doctors and nurses to give better care to the patients, and this will also reduce the workload of the medical employees. It can text feedback analysis, surface actionable insights, and generate robust predictions that improve patient care and employee experience. These technologies will drive encourage the company’s incredible growth by improving patient and employee experiences.

NarrativeDx has brought together a group of expertise in AI, language analysis, enterprise software development, and healthcare from different organizations. Healthcare leaders can quickly identify the root causes behind survey scores in real-time with insights from patient and provider comments.

The key features of the service are: customize survey questions, improve patient experience, smart budgeting, efficient staffing, clinicians can act to the feedback easily, it will provide real-time alerts for administrators, and it proves to be a user-friendly tool kit, helps to allocate sources on time.

The working structure of Q-Review is very simple where the patients receive a text with a link to a feedback survey immediately after a care episode, and patients can fill them on their smartphones. The feedback is aggregated and displayed in real-time on a customizable web-based dashboard.

The platform which is built by combining real-time feedback with patented text analytics will provide the right tools in the hand of healthcare providers. With the help of this new tool, healthcare providers can easily measure, manage, and improve the patient experience in real-time. This new project will help healthcare facilitators in providing patients the best quality care and experience that they deserve.