RxRevu to Deliver In-Workflow Access to Robust Real-Time Prescription Benefits for Healthcare Providers Using Epic

By September 17, 2019 November 12th, 2022 News
RxRevu, the nation’s only independent provider of integrated prescription cost transparency solutions, announced today it has entered into an agreement with Epic, the leading provider of electronic health record (EHR) software. Through this partnership RxRevu’s SwiftRx®Direct (real-time benefit check) solution will be available to healthcare systems and providers that utilize Epic. The solution helps providers and patients better understand the out-of-pocket cost of prescriptions, increase medication adherence and reduce the high rates of prescription abandonment.

SwiftRx®Direct gives providers patient- and payer-specific prescription drug information including cost, copays and prior authorization status, within the native workflow, while the patient is in the office and before a cost-prohibitive prescription is sent to the pharmacy. Real-time access to this information promotes better collaboration between providers and patients and helps providers identify therapeutic alternatives that are both clinically appropriate and affordable, based on the patient’s specific health plan benefits.

“RxRevu is excited to bring prescription cost transparency to the forefront for healthcare systems, providers, pharmacists and patients,” said Carm Huntress, co-founder and CEO of RxRevu. “Our mission is to improve patient outcomes through better prescribing. The SwiftRx®Direct solution saves money for patients and improves outcomes, safety and satisfaction. It is a time-saver for providers and pharmacists and also gives healthcare systems access to valuable information needed to analyze and improve prescribing behaviors.”

For RxRevu collaborations are essential and bring value to the organization and the entire healthcare ecosystem from systems and payers to providers and patients. “We are proud to have some of the world’s premier healthcare systems, pharmacy benefit managers, payers and healthcare IT vendors collaborating with us to tackle some of the market’s most pressing prescribing-related challenges,” said Huntress.

RxRevu’s SwiftRx®Direct was one of the first prescription cost transparency solutions to be used in clinical settings. RxRevu developed the solution in collaboration with a comprehensive network of payers, pharmacy benefit managers and health care systems, including UCHealth, the largest healthcare network in Colorado. UCHealth was the first health care system in the country to go live with this tool within Epic, making SwiftRx®Direct available to thousands of providers.

Since the launch of SwiftRx®Direct, out-of-pocket cost savings for UCHealth patients have been as high as $200 per prescription.

CT Lin, M.D., an internal medicine physician with UCHealth and the system’s chief medical information officer, offers a real-life example where this tool enabled him to change a prescription from tablets to capsules, reducing the co-pay estimate for the patient from $250 to $50.

“This took two seconds and saved the patient, the pharmacy and our clinic a couple of phone calls and the hassle of dealing with this substitution over the following several days, in addition to saving the patient $200,” said Dr. Lin. “The ability to view real-time pharmacy benefits is a real patient and physician satisfier. Instead of the usual ‘guess-again’ game, where we prescribe a medicine and hope that the co-pay is affordable at the pharmacy, now we can see an accurate cost-estimate at the time of prescribing, and even see suggested alternatives.”

Through SwiftRx®Direct, providers can check for covered and non-covered drugs, flag medications requiring prior authorization, see lower cost alternatives from the patient’s health plan and provide coupons that may offer even lower prescription costs for patients. Each of these benefits reduces patient and provider frustration and helps gets patients on the medications they need and costs they can afford.