Syllable Named to AVIA Marketplace’s 2024 Top Digital Front Door Companies

By February 22, 2024 May 7th, 2024 News

AI-enabled healthcare automation leader Syllable announced today that it was recognized as a 2024 Top Company in Digital Front Door upon conclusion of extensive research and company outreach by AVIA Marketplace, the leading digital health marketplace.

Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP), Syllable’s Patient Assistance helps patients easily and quickly navigate health care inquiries with empathy, transparency and intelligence from the moment they request care by dialing the phone or visiting a health system’s website. For healthcare consumers, Patient Assistant accelerates access to care while improving patient experience and satisfaction. For healthcare systems, Patient Assistant accelerates service line revenue growth while reducing operational costs and staff burnout.

“We are thrilled to be named one of AVIA Marketplace’s top digital front door companies. Syllable has demonstrated our ability to improve the patient experience for 6 years with leading health systems in the US. Syllable reduces administrative burnout and the adoption of Syllable’s AI-driven Patient Assistant has been accelerated by the increasing awareness of patient dissatisfaction and workforce burnout from the current state of U.S. healthcare. With the rise of patient expectations, demands for improved access to care and convenience at health systems, and increased personalization of care, leading health systems are meeting the needs of patients where they are with Patient Assistant,” said Kobus Jooste, CEO of Syllable.

The 2024 Top Digital Front Door Companies Report represents the aggregation and analysis of client ratings and reviews as well as health system implementation data across the country and highlights broader industry trends to contextualize the impact the companies and products are currently having in the space. Given the complexity and evolving nature of the digital front door, the report helps define the digital front door landscape and how these solutions best support patient access.

“In an era where digital engagement is not just preferred but expected, the Digital Front Door stands as the critical entry point for patients navigating their healthcare journey,” said Dhiraj Patkar, SVP of Digital Health Solutions at AVIA. “The vast majority of Americans are already turning to the internet for health-related queries, signaling a clear demand for health systems to present a seamless, digitally-enabled front. Our research underscores the transformative power of DFD in improving patient access, satisfaction, and outcomes by integrating advanced digital interactions across the care continuum. AVIA Marketplace is at the forefront of this evolution, equipping health systems with the insights and tools needed to implement effective digital front door strategies. By embracing these solutions, we can bridge the gap between patient expectations and healthcare delivery, ensuring health systems not only keep pace with digital advancements but lead the way in consumer-centric care.”

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