USA Health to Enhance Patient Engagement with Twistle’s Technology Platform

By March 17, 2021 August 8th, 2021 News

Twistle announces that USA Health opts its technology platform to improve patient engagement for vaccine distribution. USA Health is the most comprehensive healthcare enterprise on the Alabama Gulf Coast. It has mobilized a vast effort to offer vaccines to eligible people throughout the Mobile Civic Center region.

The program aims to ensure that patients know how to schedule both doses of the Pfizer vaccine and can report any adverse impacts they may experience. USA Health collaborated with Twistle to automate patient communications and notify the care team through a dashboard indicator if a patient reports an issue that needs intervention.

Its COVID-19 vaccination initiative involves many systems, including our EHR and patient portal. Twistle helps track patients who need the vaccine, direct them to the scheduling tool, confirm they’ve received both doses, and monitor adverse events. The firm is visioned to ensure that the community is safely vaccinated, and automating the patient communication will help do that much more rapidly. The companies have all seen how complicated vaccine administration can be for several health systems and municipalities across the United States. USA Health is proactively putting technology solutions in place, so they are positioned to move fast as more vaccine supply becomes available, and that is very exciting.

Starting with the USA College of Medicine founding in 1973, USA Health stands as the only academic medical center along the upper Gulf Coast. It offers excellent healthcare to the region’s diverse population. Continuous research and technological innovations keep USA Health Mitchell Cancer Institute at the forefront of cancer treatment and outcomes. Twistle assists care teams in transforming the patient experience, enhance quality, and mitigate costs through patient-centered, HIPAA-compliant communication. The company offers turn-by-turn guidance as patients guide their health journey – before, during, and after a care episode.