Using Digital Mental Health Tools Shows Dramatic Cost Savings and Return on Investment for Mental and Behavioral Healthcare

By June 26, 2019 March 6th, 2020 News

SilverCloud Health Paper Highlights a 91% Reduction in Care Expenditures Compared to Face-to-Face Therapy

SilverCloud Health, the leading digital mental health company, today released a white paper outlining how implementing and scaling digital mental health tools reduces costs and achieves a high return on investment for mental health treatment. Key outcomes from SilverCloud’s paper include a 91% reduction in care delivery costs compared to face-to-face therapy and a ten times increase in patient throughput, while delivering equivalent clinical outcomes.

These findings are crucial in addressing the healthcare needs of the nearly one in five US adults who live with some form of mental illness, with 56% percent not receiving treatment. Mental health disorders rank as the costliest conditions, totaling more than $201 billion in healthcare expenditure since 2016, with costs nearly 2.5 times higher than any other medical condition.

90% of Patients Report Decrease in Medical Utilization After Digital Mental Health Treatments

The paper’s findings, based on a review of over 90 related studies, demonstrate how 90% of patients reported a decrease of an average of 15.7%, in medical utilization following digital mental health treatment. Also, where hospital stays were measured, patients averaged a reduction of 2.52 days following treatment.

Results clearly demonstrate how the use of Internet cognitive behavior therapy (iCBT) positively affects healthcare spending and care delivery. iCBT is the management of mental health conditions through digital platforms (supported or unsupported) that can be implemented into routine clinical practices—and scaled to increase and complement the reach of existing services.

Up to 65%+ of SilverCloud Users Report Clinically Significant Reduction in Symptom Scores

For mild to moderate depression and anxiety, SilverCloud’s iCBT-based digital mental health platform was able to generate up to 65%+ reduction in clinically significant symptom scores. At an average cost of $65 per completed treatment, the treatment proves to be significantly lower than the cost of face-to-face therapy, which averages $475 or more per patient based on the same standards. When used as a preventive tool, the SilverCloud platform reduced mental-health related visits to the emergency department by 5%, resulting in upwards of $1,105,000 in savings through preventative care and early intervention.

“The SilverCloud Health platform is designed to provide earlier and easier access to mental health support, care, and help, which has been proven to have a profound effect on care delivery and treatment adherence,” said Ken Cahill, CEO at SilverCloud Health. “As evidenced in this paper, with the medical cost-offset effect, iCBT in a variety of treatment scenarios has the potential to save the healthcare industry significant costs.”

Offering innovative iCBT treatments, SilverCloud has already improved patient outcomes for more than 200 organizations and over 250,000 users globally. SilverCloud currently delivers the industry’s most extensive content library of 30+ clinically validated mental and behavioral health programs.

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