WCG and Deep 6 AI Announce Best-In-Class Partnership to Enable Faster, Smarter Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment

By May 2, 2022 June 9th, 2022 News

Partnership Will Combine Industry-Leading Solutions and Technologies to Enable Research Sponsors, CROs, and Investigative Sites to Accelerate Patient Enrollment, Increase Diversity in Clinical Trials, and Give Sites More Capacity to Conduct Efficient Clinical Trials

PRINCETON, N.J. and PASADENA, Calif., — WCG and Deep 6 AI today announced that they are working together to drive more targeted patient recruitment in clinical trials and accelerate enrollment in vital medical research. The relationship brings together WCG’s unique market position, serving over 3,300 research institutions and their investigative sites, over 5,000 biopharma sponsors, CROs, and Deep 6 AI’s software, which connects over 28 million patients at over 2,000 healthcare facilities, to seamlessly and precisely match patients to clinical studies. As a result, WCG and Deep 6 AI’s collaboration will enable clinical trials as a care alternative for more people and empower greater diversity among research participants.

“As medical advances bring targeted therapies – especially in oncology – to smaller and more niche patient populations, clinical trials have become increasingly complex. Healthcare systems lack awareness of existing patients who could be matched to these studies and, similarly, research sponsors and their CRO partners lack the tools to locate eligible patients. Consequently, the vast majority of clinical trials fail to recruit enough participants, slowing down critical research and delaying access to life-saving treatments,” said Nick Slack, MBE, President of WCG. “Our partnership with Deep 6 AI will bring together the expertise, capabilities, and technology to break down silos, connect research stakeholders, and enable trial sponsors, CROs, and investigative sites to find the right patients for the right studies at the right time. Ultimately, this will allow research teams to plan more effective clinical trials, launch studies sooner, quickly enroll eligible patients, and ensure patient and provider access to clinical trials is more equitable and diverse.”

Today, 80 percent of clinical trials are delayed due to their inability to properly recruit patients. To overcome these challenges, WCG and Deep 6 AI anticipate integrating their industry-leading offerings to provide a comprehensive solution that enables research teams to successfully meet patient recruitment goals, accelerate clinical trial enrollment, and get novel therapies to market faster. Specifically, the partnership will combine WCG’s deep domain expertise, robust set of site-enabling capabilities, and unparalleled client relationships with Deep 6 AI’s technology. The technology uses artificial intelligence (AI) concepts such as natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) on both structured and unstructured data across multiple systems to precisely match patients to clinical trials.

“The majority of patients and their physicians are unaware of clinical trials opportunities, which means finding an eligible patient can be like finding a needle in a haystack,” said Wout Brusselaers, CEO and Founder, Deep 6 AI. “In partnering with WCG, we’re changing the paradigm, providing the industry with the technology, expertise, and resources to quickly match research criteria to patient characteristics. This comprehensive solution will make it possible for sponsors and CROs to easily determine which sites are best suited to participate in a study because they can know in advance whether they can identify,  recruit, and retain the right patients. This also provides a critical benefit to the sites in our network – they will know, before a trial opens, that they will be able to conduct an effective study.  With such actionable information, there are huge advantages to those sites, sponsors, and CROs who choose to plug into our ecosystem.”