WVU Medicine Scales Olive’s AI Workforce

By April 27, 2021 August 7th, 2021 News

Expanded AI program will optimize labor-intensive processes across the system

U.S.A.April 27, 2021 — Today, Olive, the company delivering innovation to healthcare through artificial intelligence (AI), announced that West Virginia University Health System, West Virginia’s largest private employer, is extending its use of Olive’s fast-growing AI workforce to solve some of the health systems’ biggest administrative challenges.

The Health System, which operates under the brand WVU Medicine, began its relationship with Olive in early 2020 with Olive automating back office claims management. Based on the extraordinary success achieved in tackling claim status burdens, WVU Medicine is expanding its use of Olive to an enterprise-wide automation program.

Olive’s AI workforce will be scaled through an AlphaSite – an AI command center that will enable WVU Medicine to scale AI resources rapidly and efficiently across the enterprise. The automation software will support critical labor- and data-intensive administrative tasks in key areas throughout the system such as insurance verification and prior authorization. By optimizing these processes, WVU Medicine is looking to bring efficiencies and enable administrative staff to focus on tasks that require a more human touch.

“WVU Medicine’s mission is to improve the health of West Virginians and all we serve through excellence in patient care, research, and education. With Olive, we are in a prime position to streamline some of our administrative processes, and to lead the charge on technological innovation,” said Jim Venturella, CIO of WVU Medicine. “This important technology will be pivotal in helping us redistribute valuable time and resources across our organization.”

In addition to alleviating administrative burden on WVU Medicine’s staff and driving meaningful ROI to support patient care, Olive recently announced that its AI workforce is in place at more than 675 hospitals in 42 U.S. states, including 20 of the top 100 U.S. health systems.

“Health systems across the country are increasingly turning to innovative, AI-powered solutions to streamline burdensome administrative processes and deliver mission-critical ROI,” said Sean Lane, CEO of Olive. “Silicon Valley is no longer the sole nexus of technology leadership — cities like Columbus, Ohio, and Morgantown in WVU’s backyard, are becoming hubs for innovation. Together we’re building the Internet of Healthcare to connect our health system, deliver better patient outcomes and create jobs across the country.”