Xealth: Connecting Hospitals and Health Systems to Patient Apps and Health Information

By September 13, 2023 December 16th, 2023 News

Accelerated innovation is affecting health care in several ways. For instance, it’s increasingly important to offer services and monitoring to patients in the home, because those interventions are key to managing chronic conditions as well as rehabilitation after surgery or other medical procedures. Furthermore, a wealth of home-based solutions are being offered by a range of IT companies.  Xealth boosts the clinicians’ ability to take advantage of remote digital therapeutics.

The SMART-on-FHIR open platform allows clinicians to offer third-party apps in a standard manner. Xealth makes it easy to add apps to a patient portal, vastly increasing the usefulness of web sites that traditionally were used for minor tasks such as distributing test results.

A clinician can recommend a service from the patient portal to a patient: a video, a PDF, or an app to manage their condition. Xealth also presents dashboards that show the clinician which patients have taken advantage of the third-party content.

Xealth is also integrated with Epic and Cerner, so the clinician can record data on third-party content if desired.