Xealth Joins Epic App Orchard for EHR-Driven Digital Health Engagement

By March 5, 2020 March 9th, 2020 News

Xealth, a Seattle, WA-based platform for scaling digital health, today announced that it has joined Epic’s App Orchard online marketplace. This integration enables healthcare organizations running on Epic to utilize the Xealth platform natively within the electronic health record (EHR), streamlining provider workflow and simplifying access to digital health assets.

 Epic App Orchard Integration for Clinicians

As healthcare organizations turn to digital health tools to supplement care plans by delivering patient education, digital programs, and device monitoring, they require a way to simply and securely manage these programs from within the provider workflow. Having Xealth’s platform available via the App Orchard helps clinicians quickly incorporate this functionality, so they can prescribe and monitor digital health content, apps, devices and services to patients’ desktop and mobile devices. Xealth also delivers analytics to inform program success and allow for the evaluation and optimization of digital health programs.

Epic App Orchard Integration Features

The integration enables the clinician to design centralized rules around when a given patient should receive a specific asset based on a wide range of clinical & demographic data. In some cases, ordering and delivery can be automated based on a specific HL7 events (appointment scheduling, case scheduling, discharge). In other cases, digital health applications are recommended from within the Digital Care SMART on FHIR application that is launched from Hyperspace. The functionality enables organizations to build best practice alerts to drive clinicians to digital care based on a wide range of clinical scenarios.

Other features include:

– ensures that the patient is enrolled in the specific application/service, or delivered the content/product recommendation.

– ensures that the patient initiates their initial engagement within MyChart.

– Xealth Digital Care ensures that your clinical staff can monitor patient activity across various digital health tools that have been ordered for that patient from within Hyperspace or automated workflows.

– enable asynchronous intervention strategies by triggering In Basket messages to predefined pools of users when remote monitoring is needed across any given ordered item, or writing to SmartData Elements which in turn can be incorporated into existing clinical workflows

The end result is an optimized digital health engagement experience between the patient and their care team. “Xealth drives engagement and utilization of digital health tools. By integrating digital solutions into the clinician workflow within the EHR, we make it easy for clinicians to both order and monitor engagement with the digital tools that can ultimately help deliver the best results,” said Mike McSherry, chief executive officer of Xealth. “With Xealth’s presence in the App Orchard, health care organizations will be able to easily launch new digital health programs and understand their impact faster and more completely than ever before.”