Xealth & Locus Health Partner to Deliver Remote Monitoring for Kids at Children’s Wisconsin

By April 11, 2024 May 8th, 2024 News

What You Should Know:

  • Xealth, a pioneer in facilitating digital health on a large scale, revealed today that Children’s Wisconsin, the sole independent healthcare system in Wisconsin focused solely on children’s health, has adopted Xealth’s digital health platform system wide. This integration allows care teams to virtually connect with pediatric patients’ post-hospital discharge through Locus Health’s remote patient monitoring (RPM) solution.
  • Children’s Wisconsin, Wisconsin’s exclusive independent healthcare system dedicated solely to children’s health, has implemented Xealth’s digital health platform across its system. This initiative enables seamless virtual connectivity between care teams and pediatric patients after hospital discharge, utilizing Locus Health’s remote patient monitoring (RPM) solution.

Transforming Pediatric Care: Xealth and Children’s Wisconsin Forge Pathways with Digital Health Solutions

Extended hospital stays following a procedure impose significant stress on children and their families. With an initial emphasis on cardiology, enteral feeding, and patients with tracheostomy vents, Children’s Wisconsin is harnessing Locus Health’s pediatric RPM solution, facilitated through Xealth’s digital health platform. This strategy aims to augment the hospital’s capacity to monitor specific pediatric patients post-discharge, facilitating personalized care plans, prompt interventions, and improved outcomes for young patients. Integration into the EHR streamlines the program into clinical workflows, ensuring care teams have immediate access to crucial health data.

Utilizing Xealth’s digital health platform to consolidate digital health assets and tools within the EHR, Children’s Wisconsin’s care teams can electronically order, monitor, and assess the utilization of these resources, fostering transparency in program adoption and effectiveness.

In March 2023, Xealth and Children’s Wisconsin disclosed the healthcare system’s adoption of Xealth’s digital health platform across its entirety to incorporate patient education and tailored content into care team workflows. This facilitates swifter and more convenient dissemination of consistent communications across locations, granting patients and their families timely access to trustworthy information.

“Having the ability to monitor our patients once they leave the hospital is remarkable. Our use of this platform and solution is in the early days, and we are already seeing improved outcomes — from avoiding an unnecessary emergency room visit, to being able to wean from the ventilator faster, or have a feeding tube removed sooner,” said Kimberly Cronsell, MD, associate chief medical officer and medical director for Digital Health & Experience for Children’s Wisconsin. “This is helping us provide better care to our patients, amplify our parents’ and caregivers’ ability to care for their children, streamline provider and care team workflows, and ultimately, improve clinical outcomes.”